Temporary Assignments

Temporary Assignments

Equis offers elasticity and flexibility to your workforce allowing you to adapt quickly as your business transforms. Add and subtract to your staff, and access hard-to-find skills whenever you need them, for how long you need them, all with one call to Equis! Whether you need access to specialized skills, cover a leave of absence, get extra help for seasonal peak demand, or complete a project with extra talent, we will staff your needs for however long you need with the right skills. We are ready to respond to your changing needs the moment they arise.

Equis has provided companies with skilled interim staff that boast stable professional backgrounds to fill long- and short-term temporary, consulting, and contract positions since 2006. We place skilled temporary professionals with a variety of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to start-up businesses to not-for-profit organizations.

We have combined a cutting-edge mindset in recruitment with time-tested interviewing and screening techniques to develop a unique catalog of thoroughly vetted professionals. The temporary and interim employees that Equis provides are ready and able to meet your company’s technical and professional standards, saving you both time and money.

Workforce Elasticity from Equis!

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