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Welcome to Equis Staffing's Career News section. Our mission is to continue to provide education through thought leadership and inspire our readers with new ideas. 

Public Speaking 101: Six quick tips to successful public speaking

Published September 22nd, 2015 by Admin

Public speaking is an essential skill for anyone that wants to reach a leadership position. 

Equis Staffing ranked #8 by SFVBJ for total number of placements in 2014

Published September 11th, 2015 by Admin

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal ranked Equis Staffing #8 for total number of placements in 2014.

Happy Labor Day from Equis Staffing!

Published September 7th, 2015 by Admin

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and celebrates the achievements and contributions American workers have made to the prosperity and well-being of the country.

Best Networking Events in Los Angeles: Where to Go to Make New Connections

Published August 27th, 2015 by Admin

Networking events can be an investment in your career. They are a great place to meet new people who can help you take the next step.

5 Mistakes You Made In Your Last Job Interview

Published August 3rd, 2015 by Admin

Job interviews can be stressful situations. This anxiety can lead even the most polished candidate to make a mistake within an interview.

How to be Productive on a Slow Day at Work

Published July 27th, 2015 by Admin

No matter the industry, there is something most people experience at work at least once: a slow day.

Equis Staffing is Pleased to Announce the Launch of our Brand New Website

Published July 8th, 2015 by Admin

Equis Staffing is proud to announce the relaunch of our website, designed to be more user-friendly and make it easier for you to find the opportunities you’re looking for.

How to Prepare For A Summer Internship

Published April 15th, 2015 by Admin

In the past, internships were thought of as something to be checked off the list of requirements for a college degree. Today, however, the job market is more competitive than ever and internships have transformed into vital avenues for gaining relevant experience, networking, and getting a foot in the door with a respected company in your field.

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Published March 5th, 2015 by Admin

With today’s technology making so many forms of communication available at the push of a button, more job seekers than ever are being asked to hop online for a video interview.

How to Ace a Panel Interview

Published February 12th, 2015 by Admin

As many job seekers know interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, as you often have to juggle speaking to your professional accomplishments while also demonstrating that you’d be a fit for both the role and the hiring organization.

7 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Published October 20th, 2014 by Admin

In today’s job market it can be difficult to land the job you want. While job hunting feels like a daunting task, job seekers themselves can have an enormous impact on the outcome of their job searches.

How Millennials Are Changing the Job Search

Published September 18th, 2014 by Admin

Whether employers realize it or not Millennials, those born between 1981 and 2000, are changing the way job searching is done. They’ve taken a lot of abuse from various pundits and commentators, being labeled both lazy and entitled.

What is influencing your career advancement? (Infographic)

Published September 10th, 2014 by Admin

Many people searching for jobs are also searching for upward mobility. But how easy is that to achieve? According to an infographic from Affordable Schools, not as easy as you might think.

5 of the Top Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Published August 1st, 2014 by Admin

With the stress that accompanies most job interviews, candidates often forget that they should also be interviewing their potential employer. Just as the interviewer needs to be convinced that you’re the right person for the job, you should be convinced that this is the right company for you.

Equis Staffing's Director of Staffing, Julie Milius, Appointed President of the Ventura County Chapter of NHRA

Published July 24th, 2014 by Admin

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Equis Staffing is proud to congratulate Julie Milius, Equis' Director of Staffing, on her new role as President of the Ventura County chapter of the National Human Resources Association (NHRA).

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