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How to use Twitter to find great job candidates

Published by Equis Staffing

In this day and age it’s a good bet that the person you’re looking for, whether it be a celebrity, your old high school flame, or the perfect job candidate, has sent a tweet or two. While we can’t help you use Twitter to connect you with your favorite celebrity or your high school sweetheart, we can offer you tips and best practices to find highly qualified job candidates on the platform.

Post your jobs The first step is the simplest. Use the company account or your own account to tweet out jobs. Twitter has a strict 140-character limit on tweets, so use your words wisely. Be sure to use a URL shortener to save space when tweeting out links to job posts. Also include hashtags relevant or industry-specific to the job posting, or consider more general hashtags such as #job, #employment, #hiring, #recruiting and so on. Hashtags are searchable on Twitter, so applicants that are using social media to find opportunities have a better chance of finding your tweet if you use them.

Offer value Make your Twitter account a must-follow for folks in your industry. Tweet out interesting articles, blogs, discussions and other content that is of value to the types of people you want to recruit. Bring the candidates to you.

Search Don’t always wait for the candidates to come to you – sniff them out using Twitter’s search features. Using the advanced search, you can narrow your parameters to include or exclude exact words and phrases, find users that interact with certain Twitter accounts, search by location, and more.

Participate in Twitter chats Thousands of people participate in Twitter chats daily. The chats use specific hashtags to keep the tweets grouped and organized. There is probably already a Twitter chat for the industry that you’re recruiting for (and if not, create one!). Follow the chats and participate when it makes sense. You’ll begin to spot the experts and potential candidates. You can also follow more general chat subjects to spot and potentially recruit subject matter experts.

Get help You don’t have to be alone in this. You can expand your network by having your company’s employees tweet about job openings, or have them retweet you. You may also want to reach out to friends or industry pros to see if they’ll retweet your job postings.

Get in touch If you find a great candidate on Twitter, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Craft an @ message to them and tweet it from your account, including a shortened URL to the job posting or your contact info. If the person already follows you, you can follow them back and you’ll be allowed to send them a private direct message. If you’ve had success finding candidates through social media channels, please share your experience with us!

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