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Information Technology resume tips for 2013 Job Hunters

Published by Equis Staffing

As information technology jobs in Calabasas are highly coveted, our Calabasas staffing agency receives a lot of resumes from IT professionals. Fortunately for us, we receive a lot of high quality IT resumes, which allows us to place a lot of great candidates.

However just like everything in life with the good also comes the bad, and this is certainly the case with some of the IT resumes that come across our desks.

In order to help the job hunters who are looking for a tech job or IT position in the coming year, here are five tips on how to beef up your IT resume to give you the best chance at getting an interview.

  1. Use technical keywords in your resume: In an effort to connect with the most relevant people quickly, recruiters will electronically search resumes for relevant qualifications, by using a key word search. Make sure your resume has enough relevant keywords, to get picked up by these search engines. However don’t stuff or make it ungenuine, or your ultimately fail the subsequent onceover test and put yourself at risk of being blackballed.
  2. Top qualifications on top: Identify your expertise with modern and emerging technology up front, and don’t waste space on archaic technologies. No hiring manager cares about your MS-DOS skills.
  3. Two page resumes are ok: For a seasoned IT vet, you better have lots of relevant experience. You’ll want to showcase both your technical skills and your customer-centric skills. So if you are well qualified, you’d be inclined to add a second page, however no more than two pages please.
  4. Highlight accomplishments, not functions: When describing your past positions make sure you identify your specific accomplishments, not just your daily duties. All managers manage, but the best ones produce results. Make sure to call our your champion moments and the positive effect you’ve had on the company or department.
  5. Cut the fluff: No need for fancy-schmancy templates, layouts, typefaces, fonts or other special effects. Also omit the summary, hobbies, photos and personal information. Employers don’t care about your objectives, they care about their own.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, and if your currently looking for a tech job in Southern California, please make sure to send us your resume, just make sure you followed our tips!