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Tech Jobs on Bullhorn Reach

Published by Equis Staffing

As a staffing agency that recruits for tech jobs in Los Angeles, we get questions from candidates about how we leverage social media to search for candidates.  Aside from the standard LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter postings we also use a site called Bullhorn Reach.

Bullhorn Reach is a social recruiting software that helps recruiters and employers utilize their social media connections and search engines to quickly recruit quality talent.  And as we all know too well, people spend a lot of time on social networks.

For many businesses in the tech industry, social networks have become both a blessing and curse. While it is important for businesses to use social media to enhance their brand, time spent ‘social networking’ can become very time consuming and often yield more fun than productivity. This presents a challenge of finding the best way to leverage social media to improve business results.

However, even though there is a lot of clutter in social networks, with Bullhorn Reach’s social recruiting products you are able to set up criteria and easily identify things that matter to your business.

For example the Bullhorn Reach Radar tool sifts through the seemingly endless amounts of updates and picks out the posts of interest.

Additionally, Bullhorn Reach offers ways to market open positions to interested parties and empower employees to help recruit talent.  That after all is the point of social networks, making it simple to connect with people.

Bullhorn reach has been a powerful tool for us, and to see an example, check out this posting of an iOS developer.

Let us know if you have any experiences with Bullhorn Reach in the comments section, and best of luck in your 2013 job search.