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What Carrie Nebens Looks For When Interviewing Candidates for an IT Job

Published by Equis Staffing

Carrie Nebens, the founder and president of Equis Staffing, has over 25 years of experience in the staffing industry. This year, Equis Staffing was named one of the fastest growing companies in Southern California, ranking 22nd on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s list of top companies in Los Angeles County. Having so much experience in the industry, Carrie has interviewed and placed her fair share of candidates in IT roles. Today, we sat down with her and asked a few questions about the future of the IT industry and what skills and answers she looks for when interviewing a candidate for an IT job.

Please see a transcription of the interview below:

Q: With advancements in technology occurring at such a rapid rate, how do you see this changing the role of IT in the future?

A: I think the future is Siri on steroids. Handheld devices will work seamlessly by voice. It will extend to all forms of technology like TV remotes, household appliances, etc. Additionally, this will further be enhanced by Wi-Fi, which will no longer be an amenity in day-to-day life, but will be a mandatory in all areas like electricity is today. It’s important that any candidate applying for a job in IT keep the future in mind because part of their job is going to be keeping things up to date and to plan for the future for the firms they will be working for.

Q: What skills do you think all IT candidates must have?

A: Attention to detail is very important because it’s usually the small errors that create the large problems. So it’s important to pay attention to the small things as well as focusing on the big picture. I also think a strong aptitude for math is also important for IT candidates as mathematics help illustrate problem solving skills.

Q: What skills do you see becoming more important for the future of the industry?

A: Because IT candidates can work remotely, I believe candidates need to be independent. If a candidate can’t work on his or her own, with minimal supervision, then that may cause problems. You need resourceful candidates with the ability to self-manage and problem solve.

Q: What insight would you give to someone who is looking for a high-level job in IT?

A: Network! It is so important to be well connected with other professionals in the IT industry. As a recruiter, I like to see what networks and affiliations you have and how you participate and work with others. Also, when you are creating your resume, be sure you put a strong emphasis on highlighting your technical abilities, leadership qualities, and project management skills. We actually have really great blog post that address how to write about your technical abilities to demonstrate your success. Check it out, “ 5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out.

Q: What are the three things that you look for on every resume?

A: It’s really simple. When I look at a resume, I look for three simple things: job stability, technical skills, and the degree/certifications. Those are the most valuable things to me as they help me qualify a candidate. If they complete the hat-trick then you know you have a winner.

Q: How do you decide if a candidate is the right fit? What key indicators do you look for?

A: All jobs and candidates are different, so you have to know both in order to find the best match. Interpersonal skills relevant to the company culture is important as well as prior successful, long term work history, and technical skills.

Also, because we place candidates in California, proximity to the office also plays an important role because of the traffic in Los Angeles. Sitting on the 405 or the 10 Freeway in traffic is no fun and can cause added stress in your workday.

There you have it! IT professionals looking to stand out from the competition should take note of this helpful insight from staffing industry vet Carrie Nebens. This interview should help candidates understand what hiring managers are looking for when filling an open IT position.

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