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5 Employee-Driven Strategies for Getting a Promotion

Are you ready to move up in your career?

Some employees will sit idly by for years waiting for a promotion. The problem with this is that the work landscape has changed over the years. It's no longer a given that you will be given a new title and a raise just for showing up and sticking around. Climbing the corporate ladder can be a time-consuming and even sometimes confusing process, but if you're an ambitious worker you can start making positive steps toward your career goals right now. Don't just wait for your manager to "finally" notice your work! Here are five things every employee can start doing to make that next promotion a reality:

Be aware.
Before you schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss a promotion, take a moment to inventory your skills, abilities, and contributions. Is there anything you need to improve upon before you take that next step up the corporate ladder? Also take a moment to think about how you are seen within the organization. Are you reliable? Are you indispensable? Why do you deserve a promotion at this particular time? Being self-aware will help you determine if now is the right time to ask for a promotion or if you should take a few months to make some improvements before meeting with a manager.

Develop professional relationships.
Have you ever heard the expression "it's who you know?" Developing and maintaining positive work relationships will keep you name on people's minds when new opportunities are discussed among management. Networking with your peers as well as the higher-ups in your organization is a good way to get to know people and let them become familiar with your strengths and ambitions. It will also help you learn more about the company itself and what skills you should hone in order to become a pivotal part of the organization's future growth. Be careful not to limit yourself to only networking with people in your department – there is a lot of information to be learned from coworkers in other areas that you can leverage when it comes time for a promotion.

Increase your value.
Sometimes a promotion will require that "little extra." Ask your manager for more responsibility or volunteer to help out on different projects. Being open and available for more work (within reason) shows that you have an interest in helping the organization succeed and will increase your perceived value to the team. Additionally, continue learning new skills and develop knowledge that will be useful to the company and its clients. Keep current with what's new in your industry and adjust your skill sets to meet upcoming changes and challenges. Becoming a "go to" person can put you in the spotlight and increase your odds of a promotion.

Market yourself.
Modesty is a virtue – but not when you're vying for a promotion. Make sure people in the office (especially anyone that will have a hand in your promotion) know about your major accomplishments and accolades that occurred recently. Don't be afraid to let your manager know that you are career-minded and are seeking a promotion. Share positive results with them and be sure to pass along any complimentary feedback you receive from clients and other stakeholders. Couple these efforts with building a professional brand. What kind of worker are you? How are you different from other people on your team? What do you want people at the office to take away from working with you? Create positive experiences that let your manager know you can help the company overcome its business challenges.

Start looking at other companies.
In some cases, staying at your current company isn't an option if you want a promotion, even if you're a star performer. Maybe the company has a pattern of bringing in outside hires, maybe your manager's hands are tied and they can't offer you new responsibilities or higher pay, maybe an internal policy is keeping you from moving up – scenarios like these are known to happen in the corporate world. If you find yourself facing one of these roadblocks, the best option may be to seek new opportunities at other companies. Working with a recruiter might be right for you if you want to explore the market and see what your experience could earn you at other organizations.

While it's true that other people can help you move forward in your career, being proactive and developing new skills can get you noticed as well as prepare you for the next level. Letting people see you in action will be more powerful than waiting for that promotion to drop into your lap.


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