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How to Become an Indispensable Employee for Your IT Company

Published by Equis Staffing

Being viewed as an indispensable employee can be incredibly beneficial for your IT career. Not only does this create a level of job security, but it can also open doors for opportunities that will help you advance up the ladder.

If you are wondering what contributions genuinely indispensable employees make at the companies, here’s what you need to know.

1. Grow Your Skill Set with Professional Certifications

Indispensable employees continue adding value to their companies by learning new skills that can improve performance. There are many courses and certifications IT professionals can pursue that employers are looking for.

Some of these certifications include Project Management Professional (PMP), ScrumMaster, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Microstrategy Certified Developer (MCD) in addition to IT-specific certifications from companies like Citrix, Microsoft, or Cisco.

Many of the top-earning positions throughout the IT industry feature professional that have continued their education earning professional certifications such as these. One great way to increase your value as an employee is to gain skills that differentiate yourself from your coworkers.

2. Bring a Positive Impact to the Bottom Line

Every employer-employee relationship has an impact on the bottom line. Companies provide their IT staff with salaries in exchange for hard work. However, a positive effect on the bottom line isn’t guaranteed, but making sure you offer more value than you cost the business can make you indispensable. Learning new skills, such as acquiring professional certifications, gives IT professionals new ways to contribute to the bottom line and increase their value.

Ultimately, this revolves around your contributions to generate a higher level of revenue or lower costs. If you can make a positive impact, you’ll be viewed in a more positive light by your employer.

3. Have a Positive Attitude

While everyone can have a rough day here and there, indispensable employees are generally viewed as friendly and positive people who are a pleasure to collaborate with and work well with others. This doesn’t mean you need to be friends with every one of your co-workers, but you should put forth an effort to be easy to work with and pleasant to be around.

4. Always Be Reliable and Accountable

An employee won’t be viewed as indispensable if they cannot be counted on to complete their work in a timely manner. In contrast, those who can be relied on and are accountable for their performance are more likely to be seen as a valuable part of the company.

5. Bring Creativity and Problem-Solving

Indispensable employees aren’t afraid to think outside the box when they need to find a solution or come up with new ideas to help the company move forward. Additionally, they aren’t afraid to dig into a problem, perform any necessary research, and develop workable solutions without a high level of guidance.

Ultimately, indispensable employees are solutions-oriented, and they are willing to go the extra mile to help themselves succeed, as well as others and the business as a whole.

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