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Look for These Three Attributes to Identify High-Potential IT Talent

Published by Equis Staffing

When you choose to hire a new IT professional, you are making an investment. Along with the ability to handle the position as it is laid out today, you probably hope the employee will be able to continue to learn and grow, providing you with additional value well into the future.

However, not every hire is going to play out in that fashion, making it more imperative you identify high-potential IT talent early in the hiring process. To help you do just that, here are three attributes to watch for as you screen applicants.

1. Technical Ability

First and foremost, you need to know if the candidate has the technical prowess to perform in the role. While a resume can tell you quite a bit, that information isn’t always accurate. If you want to thoroughly assess their capabilities, consider making a work sample test or technical interview part of the screening process.

This will allow you to observe the candidate as they navigate challenges and scenarios that are likely to encounter, effectively giving you the ability to see them in action. And don’t be afraid to make some of the questions tricky, as this can help you assess how they operate under pressure and when creative thinking is required.

2. Drive and Passion

A motivated professional is more likely to succeed over the long term than someone who is less enthusiastic about the role or IT field. Often, they are constantly striving to both learn and achieve, a combination that can reap serious dividends.

Often, a person’s drive is best assessed during the interview and not just by examining their past achievements. You can ask questions designed to help you discover what about the job or field excites them, where they are hoping to take their career and if there are any new developments in the industry that have captured their attention.

Ultimately, how they respond will tell you a lot about their level of passion, giving you the ability to gauge whether they might be the right candidate for your company.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

It is also important to gauge how a candidate utilizes their problem-solving skills to succeed in the workplace. You can ask probing questions where they provide strong examples of how they helped solve a problem or improve a process that contributed positively to their previous employer’s business. This will show how the candidate approaches a problem and how creatively they think in these situations.

Today’s IT workers need to be able to work effectively as part of a team and collaborate with a range of professionals, including those who might not be particularly tech-savvy. Without strong social skills, including the ability to manage themselves properly during difficult situations, these tasks will be challenging.

Where Can You Find Great IT Talent?

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