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What Can Cloud Computing Contribute to Your Accounting Team?

Published July 13th, 2018 by Haley

Cloud computing has been reshaping the business world for years. Now, cloud accounting solutions are making the rounds, touting their ability to transform this segment of business.

There are two primary forms of cloud accounting applications. The first, hosted applications, allows you to place your existing software and data. on a remote server and access the solution over the internet. The second, Software as a Service (SaaS) gives you access to different software you secure as a service from a vendor. It is also remotely accessible but managing (and paying for) upgrades is handled by the provider.

What to Consider When Reviewing Your Accounting Staffing Strategy

Published May 3rd, 2018 by Haley

Now that tax season has officially passed, companies may need to make some changes to ensure they have the appropriate amount of accounting staff based on their current needs. Many businesses ramp up their accounting numbers ahead of tax season, but don’t require the same quantity of skilled accounting workers once that time passes. Other companies go through a tax season and realize that their current full-time staff may need adjustments in the year ahead.

Five Reasons to Make Your Accounting Staffing Strategy More Cost-Effective

Published April 4th, 2018 by Haley

One of the largest expenses most companies shoulder is for their staff. When left unchecked, it is easy for these costs to spiral out of control, particularly if you don’t have a method for optimizing your hiring. By having an appropriate accounting staffing strategy, you can create a more cost-effective paradigm within which to operate. Over time, you’ll experience notable savings while keeping productivity high, maximizing your profitability.

A Look at Recent Unemployment Trends and the Demand for Talent

When sourcing new talent, it's important for businesses and hiring managers to stay on top of the latest employment trends affecting their industry, including how many within the industry are looking for work.

How to Get an Inside Referral and Get Hired

If you’re looking for a proven strategy for securing a job interview, look no further than an inside referral.

Tech Jobs on Bullhorn Reach

As a staffing agency that recruits for tech jobs in Los Angeles, we get questions from candidates about how we leverage social media to search for candidates.  Aside from the standard LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter postings we also use a site called Bullhorn Reach.

Equis Staffing Hires New Directors of Staffing for IT and Accounting & Finance

Equis Staffing, a privately owned and operated staffing agency, has recently hired two new employees: Teri Rosenthal as Director of Staffing, Accounting & Finance, and Mike Dietz, Director of Staffing, IT.

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